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So who or what is Mango Boy?

The delicious fruit from southeast Asia? A character from SNL? A techno artist from the UK? Well, all of the above are in fact correct, but in this case, Mango Boy is a nick-name I picked up from a great group of friends I made during the year I lived Dallas, TX.

When I moved to Dallas for a job in late 2000, I really didn't know anyone. Through a person I met at a neighbor's party, I learned about a mountain biking group in Dallas known as the Dirt Rangers. I was given the instructions to subscribe to their email list, and soon was a member of the list and watching the various emails go by. After a month or so, I decided to try and meet up with the group for one of their rides.

The ride was at a local trail named “LB Houston”, which I had never been to before. I sent an email to the group letting them know to look for me at the trail, and told them I drove a green 4-Runner and rode a mango colored bike. When I arrived at the parking lot, I saw a group of people at the far end. I parked, gathered up my gear and bike, and as I rode towards them, one of the girls in the group yelled out, “Hey Mango Boy!” The rest is history. I started riding with the group regularly, and owe most of my friends in Dallas to the same great group of people.

To this day, pretty much everyone I know in Dallas and most of my riding friends in Atlanta call me Mango and full credit for my name goes to Beth Kaufman. Thank you Beth!!!

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