Sarah Karnes
(Daughter of Moses Karnes)

(1833 - ?) 2

In June of 2006 I received the following email after sending a message about a posting I saw on

Dear John,

Thanks for replying to my message. It looks like our common ancestor is Moses Karnes. His daughter Sarah who married W.T. Caneer and is buried in Senath Cemetery and John Karnes were brother and sister. She was my third great grandmother. Their brother Absolum was my friend Dicky's Ancestor. My son and I visited Milan and tried to visit the cemeteries their but several with our family are on a Military Arsenal and special permission and escort have to be made a head of time before you can enter. Absolum (A.B.) and his wife are buried in Friendship Cemetery which is inside this fortress. The folks at the site are nice but very strict as it should be. Just let me know what you need and maybe I can fill some gaps for you. Your site was a great help to me. Thanks so very much.

Joe F. Moore Jr.

The posting by Joe F. More on that I had inquired about was:


I am a friend of your cousin Dicky Don Karnes and his dad A.B. Karnes of Senath. A.B.'s Dad was Thomas Anderson Karnes son. My third great grandmother was Sarah Karnes Caneer who was born in Gibson County, the daughter of Moses and Sarah Scallorn of there. She married William T. Caneer of that area and they had several children including J.I., John Alonzo (my great great grandfather), Mary Caneer Browning, Z.P., James A, W.T. Jr., Ella Nors, Eliza, and A.A.. Several of these were in business with some Karnes in Senath. J.I. Caneer went into business with John Mose's Karnes who was the son of John Karnes, the son of Moses and Sarah Scallorn Karnes also. On, I found the family listed and I noticed that John and Sarah Karnes Caneer had a brother Absolum (A.B. on his toombstone at Friendship Cemetery, Milan Tennessee), who had a son named Thomas who was also born April 1870. I think this is the father of your Thomas. According to A.B., he told me that A.B. came over as you said when he was 16 and came to the South Dunklin County area. He liked it so much he walked back and got the remainder of his stuff and came back to make it his home. It all matches up. Just need some documentation.

Dicky and I were friends growing up in Senath. It is truly amazing that we are of some kin to one another. Small World. My grandparents were H.B and Clementine Norman there. We were great friends. How are you kin to him? It would be nice to talk to you and connect. Let me know what you think about this scenario. My Sarah, John who was in business there and buried near Thomas and Dessie Belle in LULu Cemetery, and Absolum being the children of Moses Karnes and Sarah. It really makes sense. What do you think.

2 – Information provided by Dennis Heathcock in a posting on