Julia A.F. Karnes
(Daughter of Moses Karnes)

(1839 - ?) 2

The first record of Julia comes from the 1860 Census for Gibson County, Tennessee, District 1, which lists the following:

111.KARNES,Moses  70  M   W      FARMER          5,000         25,000           VA
Sarah 68 F NC
Julia 22 M TN

The columns are Name, Age, Sex, Race, Occupation, Real Tax, Personal Tax, and Place of Birth. The listing of Julia as male is perhaps a typographical error in the transcription and something I need to verify when I personally view the records.

The next record of Julia is in the 1870 Census for Gibson County, Tennessee, District 1:

147 KARNES         Julia  A.  33  F W       at home                               TN    40
-----------------------------------Page Break--------------------------------------------- 147 KARNES Mary 11 F W at home TN 1
BUTLER Van B 28 M W farmer TN 2
BUTLER Martha 24 F W keeps hse TN 3
BUTLER Ida 3 F W at home TN 4
BUTLER Louisa 5 F W at home TN 5
BUTLER William 2 M W at home TN 6
BUTLER Alice 6/12 F W at home TN 7

The columns for the 1870 Census were Dwelling Number, Surname, Given Name, Age, Sex, Color, Occupation, Property Real, Owned Pers, Birth Place, and Line Number.

Julia does not appear in the 1880 Census records for Gibson County, and there is no marriage record for her that I have been able to locate in Gibson County. It is unclear if she ever married or what relation Mary Karnes from the 1870 Census was to her, though she could have been a daughter.

2 – Information provided by Dennis Heathcock in a posting on Genealogy.com.