John Paul Karnes

(Son of John Senter Karnes)

(October 19, 1929 - January 22, 2010)

1st Wife: Kay Callison

2nd Wife: Judy (January 28, 1947 - Present)


Barbara Louise Karnes (December 1, 1967 - March 16, 1969)

John Andrew Karnes (January 19, 1971 - Present)

The following was written by John Paul Karnes in June, 2001:

I was born Oct 19, 1929 in the Hotel Bertha in Senath, MO. I attended Senath Public School, grades 1-7 (1935-42). I moved to Huntsville, MO in 1942. There, I attended Huntsville Public School grades 7-12 and graduated in 1947. I attended Central Methodist College from 1947-51 and graduated with a BA . I majored in chemistry and had a minor in math. I attended the University of Missouri at Columbia from 1951-1953 and received my MS. I majored in Physical Chemistry with a minor in Physics. I joined the US Army in 1953. I had basic training at Fort Riley, Kansas, and was assigned to the Chemical Corps at the Army Chemical Center in Maryland. I spent most of my service time at Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I was discharged in 1956 and returned to Columbia and the University of Missouri and began work on my Ph.D. I married Kay Callison in 1957 and moved to Fayette, MO. I taught Chemistry at Central Methodist College as an associate Professor. I moved to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania in 1964. In 1965 I was awarded my Ph.D., it was also the year of my divorce from Kay. I taught Chemistry at Slippery Rock University from 1964 until my retirement in 1990. I married my wife Judy in December of 1966 and was promoted to full professor in 1967. I had two children, both born in Jameson Hospital, New Castle, PA. A daughter, Barbara Louise, born in December of 1967 and a son, John Andrew, born in January of 1971. Barbara passed away at 18 months of age from complications from a birth defect.


While researching military records in November of 2015, I found the following information:

Name: John Karnes
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 19 Oct 1929
Death Date: 22 Jan 2010
Branch 1: ARMY
Enlistment Date 1: 19 Mar 1953
Release Date 1: 23 Jan 1956


There is a Headstone for John Paul Karnes located in the Lulu Cemetery with his father, uncles, and grandfather.