James "Mock" Karnes
(Son of John Moses Karnes)

(August 8, 1889 August 9, 1954)

1st Wife: Susie Hughes Karnes (January 16, 1894 - July 9, 1917)

  • Suetta Karnes (August 31, 1914 - ~2000)

2nd Wife: Myrtle Williams Karnes ( November 30, 1908 - May 24, 1988)

Most family members referred to James as "Mock", but John Paul Karnes always knew him as Jim.

James' daughter Suetta moved to Memphis in approximately 1935. She married Ray Gammon and had 2 children, Jimmy and Bobby (or perhaps James and Robert). Ray also had a daughter from a previous marriage names Jean Ray Gammon. It is believed that Bobby is still living in Memphis and that Jimmy is living somewhere near Knoxville (2006). In approximately 1996 John Paul Karnes visited Memphis, and met with Suetta and Jimmy. Starting in approximately 2004, Christmas cards sent to Suetta were returned and it is presumed that she has passed away.

James' second marriage was in the late 30's. Jim was single and living in the hotel when John Paul Karnes was born in 1929. He had no children with Myrtle, but she did have children from a prior marriage, a girl named Margie, and a boy named James W. Chipman, or "Dub". Margie is still living in Senath, Missouri (2006)

Jim is buried in the cemetery in Senath, Missouri, between his first wife Susie and his second wife Myrtle. Myrtle's son "Dub" is also buried there.