Adam S. Karnes
(Son of John Karnes)

(January 10, 1857 - January 28, 1887)

Adam is mentioned in the autobiography of John Moses Karnes, his brother brother, Adam, built a store house at Senath before it was ever a town. He intended for me to go into business with him but he died a few months later.

Adam is buried in the Coldwater Cemetery approximately 2 miles east of the Lulu Cemetery, South of Senath, Missouri. His headstone is located beside his Father John Karnes. While visiting the cemetery in June of 2006, I noticed that the headstones for John Karnes and Adam S. Karnes had both been repaired and that artificial flowers had been placed at both headstones. I spoke with the man who maintains the cemetery and while he had noticed that someone repaired the stones, he was not aware who was responsible. I left a small plastic bottle containing my address and contact information at the base of each stone in hopes that the persons responsible for repairing the stones and leaving the flowers would contact me some day.

In Late June 2006, I was contacted by Dennis Karnes from St. Louis, Missouri, who was the individual responsible for the repair of the headstones and the flowers. Adam S. Karnes is Dennis' great-great grandfather. As soon as Dennis provides me more detail on his branch of the family, I'll be posting updates.