Elizabeth Karnes
(Daughter of Moses Karnes)

(1830 - ?)


Elizabeth Karnes is mentioned in the autobiography of John Moses Karnes. He wrote:

I had an uncle, who married my father's sister, who lived near us. All his Children were older than I and they, of course, humored me in every possible way which almost made me believe I was the dictator of the entire neighborhood. His name was Richard Tucker. Of course, I always called him Uncle Dick. He had several sons and daughters. The oldest son was named John Moses; the next son was George, and his next was Marion. He has several descendants around Hollywood at this time.

Elizabeth is buried in the Lulu Cemetery, South of Senath, Missouri. The date she passed away is not known. Many of her descendants are also buried in the same cemetery and she still has family in the area to this day (2006).